Business Partner Communication

I started a business partner networking group in January and the participants ranked which HOA topics they wanted to learn about. The first topic a majority selected was to learn about when to contact a board member and when to speak with the association’s community manager. Regardless of who you are speaking with, the key to a successful relationship is regular and detailed communication. When a business partner receives a

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Managing Expectations

“Are my expectations reasonable?” This question has been posed to me several times over the past month by board members who are considering a change in management companies or asking the existing management company for a manager change. Volunteer board members are often retired and heavily involved in their community’s governance and activities. Managers on the other hand often have a portfolio of associations and juggling multiple balls every day.

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How to Replace your HOA Management Company

HOA Board members usually have a hunch something isn’t working out with their management company long before they can put a finger on what it is.  With over two decades of community management experience, HOA Consultants helps HOA Boards confirm their suspicions, and initiate a formal process to select the best HOA management company for their community in the Phoenix, AZ area.  HOA Consultants works with HOA Boards to determine

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