Customized Professional HOA Guidance

HOA Consultants, LLC is the sole provider of multi-dimensional HOA consulting services in Arizona. We work with Boards of Directors, Business Partners (vendors) and Management Companies on their specific needs. 

How We Help

Boards of Directors

Can you improve how your association operates? A small amount of general consulting can have long-term benefits for your Board and your community. 

Frustrated with your management company? Want help replacing them? With our guidance, your Board of Directors will be well-supported and given the knowledge they need to select a replacement for your existing management company.

Business Partners/ Vendors

Are you a vendor looking for more business? We work with Business Partners who want to expand their market share in the HOA industry.

Management Companies

Want to do a better job serving your Boards of Directors and homeowners? We coach and assist Management Companies across a variety of topics to become better stewards of their own businesses and how they interact with their clients.

Our Services

We offer the following services:

• Conducting educational seminars (new board member bootcamp; budgeting; understanding reserve studies)

• Reviewing existing contracts and negotiating new ones (including management company contracts)

• Replacing your current management company (see more below)

• Managing expectations with hired staff or a community association manager

• Saving money and keeping assessments at a reasonable level

• Other topics you may consider

Replacing Management Companies

If you are unhappy with the quality of services being performed or feel the money you are spending on management services doesn’t match your expectations, we will help you get into a new relationship. Our expert guidance will make the process less intimidating and less stressful. We work closely with your Board utilizing a systematic approach:

• Assess your community’s needs

• Identify management companies that are potential matches

• Draft the request for proposal

• Interview and select the new management company

• Negotiate the contract

• Facilitate the transition from old to new management company

Helping Business Partners Grow their HOA Business

The HOA industry is unique in its buying habits with community association managers, management companies and board members all having some hand in selecting who is offered the work. Arizona has approximately 25,000 Board members influencing vendor selection and buying decisions. Their buying power is billions of dollars and growing rapidly as most municipalities require new developments to be built as HOAs to transfer infrastructure costs to the developer. We will help you:

• Enhance your sales and marketing strategies

• Build relationships with other business partners who are connected with buyers

• Train and educate your staff about the HOA industry

• Attend mini-trade shows at management companies

• Network at industry events

Coaching & Assisting Management Companies

There are nationally-owned management companies and boutique ones in Arizona. Our expertise is broad. Our main focus is working with mid-size and boutique companies who need the skills and experience of a seasoned HOA professional. For example, we can:

• Improve operational processes and increase profitability

• Increase your closing rate in the sales process

• Review and revise marketing literature, proposals and website content

• Revise the management contract (non-legal assistance)

• Help train Boards of Directors and new community managers

• Assist in the selection process for new employees and software vendors systems

• Develop the onboarding process for new HOAs


Meet Mickey

Mickey Latz is the founder of HOA Consultants and has two decades of experience running his own mid-size management company. During this period, he worked to match his services to his clients’ needs and improve profitability through technology.  

He sold his management company in the fall of 2022. Mickey believes that the client determines the desired outcome and his job is to help them reach it. The most effective way to accomplish that successfully is through active listening.  

He has two industry certifications through the Community Associations Institute (CAI):
• CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations) obtained in 2003
• AMS (Association Management Specialist) obtained in 2006

Mickey graduated with his Masters of Business Administration degree in 1993 from the University of Minnesota and has his undergraduate business degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He jointly owns a CPA practice ( focusing exclusively on preparing HOA tax returns and compilations. If you would like more information on this business, please complete the contact form below.

Contact Us

If you would like more detailed information about our customized consulting solutions, please complete the appropriate form below.

If you’d like to reach out to Mickey directly, you can email him at or phone him at 602-402-1955.

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